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Items such as urn, cremation container & flowers or a memorial service are an additional charge. Cemetery charges are additional. If shipping of urn to family or cemetery is needed, please contact your funeral director. Transfer of loved one may incur minimal additional charges.

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Additional Services

You are required to make a selection for the first 2 items listed below, Positive Identification and Transportation. All other items are optional.

How would you like to identify the deceased?

A  positive identification is a minimum requirement for The Cremation Society of Indiana. If you select positive identification by photo, our care center professionals will pose features and take a photograph of the deceased. This photo, taken of the face only, will be transmitted to the person making the identification electronically via email or our secure website.

Transportation of Your Loved One (select county of current location)

Select which county your loved one is currently located in. If you are planning ahead, select “I’m planning ahead”.

$250 transportation fee is required for the retrieval outside of the following counties: Marion, Johnson, Morgan, Hancock, Boone, Hamilton, and Hendricks.

Procurement of Death Certificates by Cremation Society of Indiana

Included in your package, the death certificate is filed in the county health department where the deceased died. Procuring the death certificate for you is a $100 trip fee, plus $20 per certified copy

Witness Cremation

Family may observe the beginning of the cremation process at our crematory, Greater South Side Crematory, 481 W. Main Street, Greenwood, IN, 46142 (owned by Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service & Crematory). Your loved one will be bathed and dressed in clothing provided by the family or in a hospital type gown and placed in the container decided upon by the family. If the family would like to spend a few moments with their loved one prior to cremation, that can occur at the crematory. The cremation process typically takes about 5-6 hours from start to finish, so the family may witness the beginning and receive the cremated remains as early as the next business day.


Please Note: Witnessing cremation is by appointment only. The cremation will be scheduled according to the timeline established by the State of Indiana (at least 48 hours after death) and upon receipt of all necessary documents for the cremation, including but not limited to a signed death certificate by an attending physician (or in coroner cases, a cremation waiver from the County Coroner’s Office from the county where death occurred), a Provisional Notification of Death-Burial Transit Permit, and a signed Cremation Authorization from the legal next-of-kin. We will coordinate to get this signed by the doctor during their normal business office hours. The Funeral Director will call the next of kin after all required documents are obtained and schedule a time for the witnessed cremation.

Mailing of Death Certificates

Obituary Preparation

Does not included NP ad for placement

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Products and Merchandise

A Cremation Container is needed to place your loved one for cremation, and an urn to place their cremated remains into after cremation. Please select one from each section below.

Cremation Containers


Shaker Pine


Blue Tapestry

Blue Tapestry


Arbor - Casket - CSI



Vista - Casket - CSI




Trayview Alternative Container



Cardboard Alternative Container


This option is not available if the deceased is more than 200 lbs.



Cocoa Mantel Clock


Mother of pearl 350

Mother of Pearl





Coral Tapestry

Platinum Engraved


Blue Tapestry

Navy Elegance



Gold With Stripes



Silver Violet





Flair Copper 175

Flair Copper


Burl Wood

Burl Wood






Scattering Tube Ascending Dove


Print Urn - Meadow

Scenic Cardboard Urn


Memorial Items


Brass Heart Keepsake



Going Home Keepsake



Rose Keepsake



Teddy Bear Keepsake



Stainless Steel Flag

Out of stock

stainless-butterfly 400x400

Stainless Steel Butterfly


Chain Not Included


Stainless Steel Heart Small


Chain Not Included


Stainless Steel Small Cross


Chain Not Included


Stainless Steel Tear


Chain Not Included

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