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Kerri Ford

September 15, 1978 - December 21, 2021

Kerri Ford age 43 of Indianapolis, IN passed away on December 21, 2021. The Cremation Society

of Indiana, 4115 S. Shelby Street has been entrusted with the arrangements.

Paul Harrell posted on December 30, 2021

It's a shame what Kerri a.k.a. "Monk" had to go through, especially these past couple of years, and ultimately that she had to go, but now she is finally at peace. The things she had endured the last couple of years (a horrible life changing accident, life threatening illness, several dangerous and painful surgeries, breast cancer, and chemotherapy) would have broken most people and crushed their spirit. Not Monk!... Luckily I was able to spend some time with her during her last few months on this earth and I'll tell you what... Her outlook and attitude was positive, optimistic, and cheerful and her spirit was more alive than I had ever seen before. Her appearance was deteriorating and physically she was as well, and fast. In the handful of times I was lucky enough to see Monk recently, I was taken aback and shocked (in a positive way), encouraged, and truly inspired by her positivity and how alive her spirit was and just the things she said. She referred to it as "being woke" and woke she was. She knew it was her time and she knew that she didn't know or understand what God's plan was for her life, but she knew whatever it was, she had fulfilled it and it was her time to go. She spent the remainder of her days encouraging others, spreading positivity, taking on the fear of others and turning it into faith, ànd truly being a bright and shining light in a cold, harsh, cruel world of darkness. I say this now in hindsight, but I thought and felt this same way at the time of seeing her. I am glad and relieved that the last words spoke to one another was "I love you & I love you too". I love you Monk. You're home now. I'll be to see you soon. Love Paul,


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