Obituary for Edward Leroy Murray, Jr.


Edward Leroy Murray, Jr.

September 21, 1933 - June 27, 2020

Edward Leroy Murray, Jr. passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on Saturday, June 27th, 2020. He was born on Thursday, September 21st, 1933 in Baltimore, Maryland to Edward L. Murray, Sr. and Josephine (Holland) Murray. He was first of four children, with siblings Mark (nee Ralph), Judith, and Gilbert Avon-Scott.

Edward was rambunctious, industrious, and determined. As a youth, he was taught to play the piano, learned to box from his father, and enjoyed the stories that were read on the radio. He started his first small business with a friend washing steps in the Baltimore area, perhaps his first step into the field of finance.

Edward met Melma Grace (Alford) in an ice cream shop in Baltimore and used to say, “she’s been feeding me ever since”. They shared a wonderful, loving life of some 66 years together. Early in their married days, while living in Philly, Edward purchased a violin from a small shop and started taking violin lessons. The love of this instrument would carry through all his years, as music has always been an influence in the Murray family, a gift passed on to future generations.

After graduating with honors from Morgan State College, now University, Edward was commissioned into the US Army, coming in as a Finance Officer in 1955, and was stationed at Fort Holabird shortly thereafter. His military career would take the family far from the city of Baltimore and while his solo trips included places like Korea, the family moves included Ohio, Germany, Maryland, Hawaii, and Indiana. His family would say Hawaii was their favorite. They toured Europe, visited the Vatican, and took in Oktoberfest, with Melma leading the band. The move to Hawaii had a Disney Land detour and a cruise across the Pacific, including dinner with the Captain. The move from Hawaii to Indiana wasn’t just a move, it was an opportunity for the kids to travel across America with a visit to Yellowstone National Park and an unforgettable horseback ride.

Having four children, Veronica, Edward III, Jacqueline, and Michael, and a full military career, Edward retired as a LTC and settled in Indianapolis, Indiana. After leaving the military, Edward worked with pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly and Company, in the finance department, wrapping up a second career. Edward continued to pursue his interests of playing the violin, investing in rental properties, playing basketball, lifting weights at the gym, and spending time with Melma. During Christmas time, he enjoyed reading “The Night Before Christmas” to the grandchildren, Christopher, Michael, Leo E., Chloe, and Shiloh, while also, sharing his life’s wisdom and love with family.

Edward is survived by his sister, Judith Ann; wife, Melma;, children, Veronica L. (Bob) Koscik, Edward L. (Lorraine) Murray III, Jacqueline Michele (Leo) White, and Michael Owen (Toan) Murray; grandchildren, Christopher, Michael, Leo E., Chloe, and Shiloh; and nieces and nephews.

Edward is preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Mark (nee Ralph Holland) and Gilbert Avon-Scott.

Edward would tell you that he has had a great life! At 86 years old, he was “the oldest living Murray in our family” and used all of his 86 years to live well, love well, and laugh out loud.

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