We are proud to offer families in Bargersville the option to preplan an affordable cremation. At Cremation Society of Indiana, we provide families with a budget-friendly option for their final memorial. Simply because your cremation is affordable doesn’t mean it won’t be dignified. Our dedicated staff is committed to ensuring every cremation is worthy of the loved one being honored. When you preplan a cremation with us, we’ll honor your preferences every step of the way.

Preplanning with Cremation Society of Indiana

We’ve served families since 1981 with high-quality, affordable cremation services. Our network of facilities in central Indianapolis provides convenience to families no matter where they live in the surrounding area. We offer online planning so that families can put their final wishes in writing and provide peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. When you preplan with us, we’ll put your detailed preferences in writing.

Preplanning an Online Cremation with Us

When you plan your cremation online, you can take advantage of our affordable cremation packages starting at $795. Licensed funeral directors and qualified staff members are available to assist you with the preplanning process. This cost includes a cremation container like an urn, the filing of a death certificate, and cremation at our private cremation facility. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all the arrangements have already been made.

Contact Us

If you live in Bargersville or the surrounding area and wish to learn more about our crematory services, contact us at 317-783-3357. A caring staff member will answer any questions you may have and address your concerns as well. Use our convenient online planning form to get started today and reach out to us for help if you need it. Our team of cremation experts is here to advise you on every decision and detail as you plan.