Obituary for Michael Bozarth, Sr.


Michael Bozarth, Sr.

October 23, 1959 - November 20, 2020

Michael Bozarth, Sr., 61, passed away November 20, 2020. He was born in Dayton, Ohio on October 23, 1959.

Michael was a father, papaw/grandpa, son, uncle, brother, cousin, and friend to many. He loved spending time with his grandkids, being one of their biggest fans. He loved attending their sporting and educational events. He always tried to put a smile on their face, rather it be by telling a silly joke, trying to get them to pull his finger, or digging into his candy jar.

Michael loved to watch Westerns all the time. He enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels from his window of his bedroom. His yard was set up with different kinds of feeders to attract the animals. His favorite drink was chocolate milk and he loved peanut butter fudge. He also put peanut butter on his pancakes. Every Thanksgiving, he would eagerly grab the wishbone and hand it to two people to break. He believed that the person with the biggest piece would have their wish granted.

Michael loved to fish and would have multiple poles out at once, for example, catfish poles, a bass pole, and a pole with a bobber. He would do things like catch a fish and discreetly put it on someone else’s pole to make them happy or he would catch a big fish and give his pole to someone else to reel in. He enjoyed making other people happy.

You are missed by many. We love you so much.

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