The difference between us and other cremation providers is trust. At Cremation Society of Indiana, keeping your confidence is our deepest commitment. We are caring, experienced professionals dedicated to handling every detail of your loved one’s cremation with precision, and all at affordable prices. If you live in or around the Franklin area, and want the best affordable cremation available, then look no further than Cremation Society of Indiana.

Why plan an affordable cremation with Cremation Society of Indiana?

For years, Cremation Society of Indiana has provided quality, dignified cremation services, all at affordable prices. We understand that this process is difficult and entails many specifics that must be covered. Our knowledgeable staff is available to guide you through each step and to leave you with the least amount of worry possible.

While other providers attempt to cut costs by contracting services to a third party, we maintain our own state-of-the-art crematory. Once your loved one is in our care, they stay with us from beginning to end. This allows us to ensure that every family we serve receives the highest standard of care – a promise other area providers simply cannot make.

What is direct cremation and what are the benefits?

Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable cremation option. It means that the cremation occurs in the days immediately after your loved one passes away, without a visitation or funeral beforehand.

Unlike with traditional burial and a funeral, which must occur quickly following a death, there is no rush to schedule a memorial service with a cremation. You can take your time and plan the memorial when and where you want. In this way, direct cremation gives you far more options.

Contact us to discuss your options

If you are located in the Franklin area and have experienced a loss, or just want to plan ahead, please contact Cremation Society of Indiana at 317-783-3357.